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    The next VLA continuing education opportunity:


    The VLA will be sponsoring 4 speakers at the 2022 Southwest Veterinary Symposium.

    It will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth Texas.  The symposium is September 22 to 25, but the VLA sponsored presentations will all be on Friday and Saturday, September 23 and 24.   Hope to see you there!


    Friday, September 23, 2022

    Dennis DeNicola, DVM,PhD 
     Hematology – Interpretting CBC scatter plots

    A picture is worth a thousand words - Scattergrams 101:

Part 1 - the erythrocytes

Part 2 - the leukocytes.

Part 3 - the platelets.

Jessie Monday, DVM, MS

Food animal diagnostics :
Bacterial and fungal infections - looks, sampling, reading slides, plating
Ruminant and poultry parasites – fecal, blood, skin
Hematology – normal CBC, cell id, abnormal cells



Saturday, Sept 24, 2022

Francisco Conrado DVM, MSc

Sarah Beatty DVM, Diplomate ACVP (Clinical)     

Diagnostic cytology – Preanalytical factors and how to avoid artifacts (CONRADO/BEATTY)

Diagnostic cytology – Confessions of a Pathologist - Case studies (CONRADO/BEATTY)

Serum chemistry (not so) basics – Making sense of electrolytes and acid-base parameters (CONRADO)

Advanced clinical chemistry – A case-based step-by-step approach (BEATTY)

Beyond parasitology – How can fecal/rectal diagnostic testing help your patient  Parts 1 & 2    (CONRADO/BEATTY)

February 16, 2022