Upcoming Meetings & Events

    The next VLA continuing education opportunity:


    The VLA will be sponsoring 4 speakers at the 2023 Southwest Veterinary Symposium.

    It will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth Texas.  The symposium is September 21 to 24, but the VLA sponsored presentations will all be on Friday and Saturday, September 22 and 23.   Hope to see you there!

Clinical Diagnostics

 Sarah Beatty

  • What's New in Digital Clinical Pathology
  • Who, What, When, Why, How--Peripheral Blood Film Review
  • Cytology Preparation and Basic In Clinic Evaluation

   Francisco Conrado

  • Analyzing the In-Clinic Analyzer: Maintaining and Trusting Your Machines
  • Coughing Up a Diagnosis: the Basics of Respiratory Cytology 
  • Common Mistakes in Exotics Clinical Pathology (and How to Avoid Them

Natalie Antinoff

  • Avian Hematology and clinical case correlates 
  • Rabbit and Rodent Clinical Pathology - Where do I get blood and what do the results mean? 
  • Skin parasites of exotic pets - Diagnosis and treatment

 Jessica Hokamp

  • Renal Biomarkers (Including Creatinine, SDMA, and Proteinuria)
  • Urinalysis Best Practices
  • Effusion Confusion