VLA Annual Meeting 2017

    Something new in 2017 - instead of our own annual meeting, the VLA is joining the 2017 Southwest Veterinary Symposium to add a new “Diagnostic Lab” track with speakers sponsored by the VLA.

    This group of presentations will be directed toward the people who work in diagnostic labs, as in previous VLA meetings, with some added benefits.  Although the Southwest Symposium is a much larger meeting (2016 attendance was ~2700 people), registration cost for techs is similar to VLA meetings if you register by July 18th. Your registration entitles you to attend the Diagnostic Lab presentations plus all lectures in the meeting, and the symposium awards CEUs (a maximum of 31 per person).   The conference is held over 4 days, but the “Diagnostic Lab” presentations will be grouped on Friday and Saturday, so you can just attend those 2 days, if you prefer.

What2017 Southwest Veterinary Symposium        

When:  September 21st through 24th, 2017 - Diagnostic Lab topics on September 22 & 23

Where:  San Antonio, Texas, at the Henry B. González Convention Center

Registration info at:   http://www.swvs.org/registration.cfm

Let us know by August 18th that you have registered for the meeting,

and the VLA will take the first 25 people out for a networking dinner on Saturday evening, September 23rd.

(Send an email message via the “Contact Us” tab on the VLA website.)

Diagnostic Lab Track Titles:

Drs. Leissinger & Beatty, University of Florida:  

      “Hemoparasites: A Review of Infectious Agents In Blood, and Factors That Can Aid or Confound Your Diagnosis” (one hour)
      “Hematology Trouble-Shooting: When Results Don’t Match the Patient  (one hour)
      "Hot Topics in Clinical Pathology Ancillary Testing: PARR Analysis, Flow Cytometry, and Acute Phase Proteins”  (one hour)
   Fluid Analysis – (3 one hour presentations):
       "Sample Preparation, Processing, And Pre-analytic Considerations"
       "In-house tips and tricks for Fluid Sample Interpretation"
       "Case based approach to fluid analysis and interpretation"

Dr, Shelley Rankin, University of Pennsylvania:

       “A new culture: Innovations at the Forefront of Veterinary Bacteriology.”
       “Veterinary Mycology in the 21st century”
       “Guidelines for Safe Work Practices in the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.”

Sandra Rogers, BS, MS, Texas A&M University:

      "West Nile Virus in Texas Equine: A Retrospective Look"
      "Submission of Samples to Diagnostic Labs: How to Achieve the Best Quality Results"
      "Leptospirosis: A Multispecies Approach"


Schedule, and presentation title pages on the SWVS website are still a work in progress, but go here for diagnostic lab track info:    http://www.swvs.org/Diagnostic_Lab_Schedule.cfm  


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More info as we get it.

June 23, 2017